1. All GFAA angling and weighing rules must be strictly adhered to.

2. Multiple tagging of the same fish on the same day by the same vessel is banned. (From Council Meeting of 13/06/2007)

3. The declaration of a gale or storm force warning by the appropriate government weather authority will automatically require the suspension of any tournament or event conducted under the auspices of the Game Fishing Association of Victoria and its member clubs for the period of the current warning.  In the event of a declaration whilst vessels are at sea, such vessels are required to cease fishing and make way to port.(From Council Meeting of 14/10/2009)

4. GFAV shall from time to time place an embargo or minimum weight on a fish or shark species intended for capture or tag and release as determined by vote of Council.

(Southern Bluefin Tuna minimum weight of capture shall be 10kg, the minimum weight of capture for all shark species shall be 20kg with exception of Gummy Shark and Tope.)

(The minimum weight of all game fish species to be tagged & released shall be 3 kg and minimum weight of sharks to be tagged shall be 5kg).

5. GFAV shall formulate a State Point Score System that shall be binding on all GFAV affiliated clubs.

6. GFAV shall accept for record claims fish that have been sectioned because the fish outweighs the maximum capacity of the scales, providing that the fish is presented whole to the weighmaster.

7. GFAV will not recognise any record applications for any fish caught in Hatchery waters, Marine Parks or other Sanctuaries. The capture must not be at variance with any law or regulation laid down by the Federal or any State Government governing the species or waters in which it was caught.

8. When a substantial prize or cash award is specifically offered for an Australian record in any line class or tippet class no record will be considered.

9. An oil rig is now defined as a land based structure and record claims from oil rigs are acceptable.

10. GFAV shall accept the use of certified digital scales for weighing of fish and sharks.

11. All record applications that require clarification of the angling rules shall be referred to the GFAA Rules Committee.

12. GFAV shall annually award trophies for:

The Heaviest Shark captured in Victorian waters - “Kel Taylor Trophy”.Tag & Release Senior (all Australian waters)- “Ian Cutler Trophy”.

Tag & Release Junior (all Australian waters)- “Neville Dance Trophy”.

The Heaviest Gamefish (excluding sharks) captured in Victorian waters - “John Bryant Trophy”.

Tag & Release (Victorian waters only)- “GFAV Trophy”.(From 1/07/1996)Tag & Release Junior in Victorian waters – “Bruce Harrison Trophy”. (From 1/07/2005)

The Heaviest Gamefish (including Sharks) captured by a Junior within Victorian waters – “Corrie Banks Trophy”. (AGM 14/09/2011 - effective from 1/07/2011)

13. In the interest of the sport, once species identification has been verified, the weighmaster shall have the option to allow the closing of the jaws of billfish and sharks.

14. It is illegal for amateurs to sell fish.  Any GFAV affiliated member guilty of such an offence may forfeit affiliation.

15. All member clubs shall annually:

(i) Prepare a report for the GFAA Executive Officer;

(ii) Submit statistics of all angling captures;

(iii)Submit statistics of all Tag & Release.These reports shall be due by 31st July.

16. Any person authorised by GFAV Executive to represent GFAV shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses.

17. The Executive Committee shall have the right to appoint honorary advisers to GFAV from time to time as necessary.

18. Deleted (at Council Meeting 27/05/2009).

19. Minimum affiliation - 5 members (25/05/2011).

20. Minimum fee - 5 members (25/05/2011).

21. Berley: Berley should not be used where tide, wind or currents could take it to swimmers, divers or other water users. (23/10/1996).

22. Tournament Trophy Categories: Cumulative point score capture categories or heaviest aggregate weight or heaviest bag categories are not allowed for tournament trophies in sanctioned tournaments. (23/10/1996).

23. Only members affiliated with GFAA, ANSA or overseas visitors affiliated with IGFA can fish a GFAA/GFAV sanctioned tournament (10/09/1997).

24. GFAV recognises all species of fish, all forms of angling and all line classes that GFAA recognises, from time to time for State record purposes (10/09/1997).